Music Architecture

A brand’s identity is also expressed through the music played in its sales points; it strengthens and completes the image it intends to transmit to the client by creating a strong musical interpretation, one that is in perfect harmony with the brand’s style and the universe to which it belongs. Music Architecture produces complete musical projects, with varied, creative and technological solutions.

The music architecture project includes:

  • careful analysis of the brand and their target group
  • personalised music chosen in line with the brand
  • choice of most appropriate audio distribution technology
  • remote management of the audio systems with regularly updated playlists
  • assistance and maintenance of the audio distribution systems
  • definition of the user’s licenses for audio/video contents
  • relationships with artists and artists’ rights companies world wide

Through the continuous control of technological developments, Music Architecture proposes the most suitable and innovative solutions for the most successful musical architecture, thereby optimising clients’ investments.
The most frequently used solutions are Dynamic Digital Signage and Driven Random Play DVD

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